Sunday, May 13, 2012

Introductions Are In Order

My name is Matthew Linton (as you should be able to see in the side panel) and I am a graduate student in American history at Brandeis University. My specific interest is in the creation of Chinese Area studies during World War II and the Cold War, but I am broadly interested in Western intellectual history and Sino-American relations. You can also find me on and follow me on Twitter (@MellowOwl) if you're so inclined. I envision this blog as a place to express opinions and ideas that may not be ready for more mainstream academic forums (conferences, journal articles and reviews, etc.). Some of these posts will tackle problems that may be too short to express in an article or book, but that I think are important and worth mentioning. This includes ideas that incorporate elements of popular culture like music, sports, and movies that the history mainstream is sometimes uncomfortable with. I also hope to use Ibid. to improve my writing and formatting of book reviews and longform articles. I will also post videos and other desiderata related to American intellectual history and politics that I hope others will find interesting. To begin, here is a fascinating video of Marxist intellectual and historian Perry Anderson describing his life and work: See you all soon!

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